Why bitcoin is considered to be better than regular currency

Are you debating about conducting digital transactions or sticking to the use of conventional currency? Though the regular currency is widely used, the interest in bitcoins is increasing each day. Most bitcoin users believe that this cryptocurrency is better than using conventional currency due to different reasons.

Bitcoin is decentralized and digital. It gives you the chance to exchange value without the involvement of intermediaries. This means that using bitcoin not only helps you enjoy low fees but also more control over your funds. Since banks control currencies such as dollars and pounds, you have minimal control over your money. Since Bitcoin is decentralized, it means that users gain ownership over the cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is created using mathematical programming and algorithms.As a bitcoin user, you also get access to your balance using the password, which is called a private key.

You can buy Bitcoins from a Bitcoin ATM or online exchange. The cryptocurrency allows people to order services and goods online or even transfer funds quickly. Conventional currency is also known to be more volatile compared to bitcoin. The forex markets determine the value of the standard currency. This keeps on changing every time, making it hard to track. Though Bitcoin has some volatility aspect, you can gain some profits from it by using the right trading strategies.

While bitcoin is accepted globally, conventional currencies are not. You can, therefore, transact bitcoins over the web internationally. This is not possible with traditional currency. Ensure you make use of the bitcoin rate calculator as you conduct any transaction over the internet. Unlike conventional currency, tracking bitcoin is easy. The blockchain that facilitates bitcoin transactions records each transaction made using this cryptocurrency.

You can, therefore, evaluate how you are spending your funds and avoid wastage. When using conventional currency, no tool can be used to track the transactions you make. While bitcoins are hard to duplicate, cash is duplicated all the time. When you transfer this cryptocurrency to someone else, you don’t hand over any bitcoin. You only need to submit the transaction to a network which then confirms that your address is valid.  This reduces the risk of counterfeiting bitcoin. Counterfeit cash is created regularly.

Using bitcoins, therefore, gives you better security compared to sticking to the conventional currency. The private keys for bitcoin are also kept offline. Bitcoin is more durable and portable than regular currency. Since bitcoin is a digital currency, destroying it is harder than cash paper. You can also move from one country to the next with millions in the form of BTC. You only need to know your private key to achieve this. Carrying all that cash with you in the form of regular currency is hard and risky.

Using bitcoin also simplifies the process of maintaining records. During transfers, the ownership of bitcoins also gets transferred. This prevents two people from transacting on the same value. It makes it easy for one to maintain proper records for tax purposes.